Lip Contouring

Hey if you ever wanted a gorgeous pout like Angelina Jolie, then you should definitely try lip contouring. It’s basically a way to plump or reshape your lips without going to see a plastic surgeon.

There are many ways to do lip contouring, you just have to decide which one of these techniques suits you best.

Lip Contouring technique 1

  1. Prep lips by gently exfoliating and apply lip balm to keep lips hydrated.
  2. Apply a thin layer of foundation over the lips to create an even color, this also helps keep your lipstick in place all day.
  3. Outline the lips with a lip liner
  4. Draw vertical lines down the sides of your lips and a cross over in the center of your lips
  5. Apply a coat of lipstick or lip gloss in the same color as your lipliner.


Lip Contouring Technique 2

  1. Prep lips (same as above)
  2. Apply foundation to lips.
  3. Highlight the cupids bow and slightly blend the highlighter along the upper lip.
  4. Apply your lipstick of choice.
  5. Apply some highlighter to the center of your lips to add volume.


Lip Contouring Technique 3

  1. Prep lips.
  2. Apply foundation to lips.
  3. Apply a white lip pencil in the middle of the lips.
  4. Apply a coloured lipliner to the corners of your lips.
  5. Blend white pencil and coloured lip liner.
  6. Apply lip gloss!


If you tried any of these lip contouring techniques let me know in the comments below.

Happy lip contouring guys!!!

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